Do you sell scobies?

No, because we are a growing kombucha brewery we need all the scobies we can produce. Nash’s Kombucha is a raw, live, and naturaly fermented kombucha which means you can use a bottle of Nash’s as a starter liquid to grow your own scobie.

Is Nash’s Brew Co. hiring/accepting applications?

We are always accepting resumes so please feel free to send yours over with the subject “Resume”. We never know when we are going to need another hand.

Can I purchase a keg of Kombucha for my tap at home?

No, at this time we cannot brew/provide enough kombucha kegs for home use. In the future we will stay tuned.

Can I purchase Kombucha for my wedding or special event?

Please contact us with your party size, date, etc using our contact form. We do require a keg deposit and do not rent tapping equipment.

Do you offer tours of your Brewing facility?

Not at this time. While we are in the process of moving into our new brewing facility so cannot have tours. We plan on offering tours in the future. Please join our email list for future updates.

Can I purchase Kombucha directly form the brewery?

No. Once we are fully moved in and comfortable we will offer direct purchases in future.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes. Please provide us your questions and three different times/dates that work best for a meeting using the contact form. Consulting services are offered over phone/skype only, unless local to Auburn, CA. Consulting fees begin at $100/hour.

How do I become a wholesale account?

Nash’s values building tight relationships with our wholesales accounts and focuses on serving them the best we can. Because we are in the process of building our new brewery, the Nash’s team has their plates full. We are currently not accepting new accounts. In summer 2019, we will be open for new wholesales accounts to join our family. Please email us to let us know you’re interested so we can contact you when we can provide product. Thank you for wanting to join the Nash’s family, we look forward to working with you.

What is the shelf life of Nash’s Kombucha?

Nash’s is naturally fermented. The development of our bacteria and probiotics naturally occurs in our fermentation. We do not add additional probiotics which is why we are praised by our fresh, live flavor. To ensure the best quality, Nash’s bottles are best tasting three months from the brew date located on the bottle.

Can I buy your product online or have product shipped to me?

Our shipping and e-commerce store are in progress. Nash’s swag and product will be available for shipping soon!