Seasonal Harvest Spice Kombucha is here!

With Autumn officially in full swing, we are excited to be brewing our seasonal kombucha: Harvest Spice! We brew it with cinnamon, cloves, chamomile, bachelors button petals, orange and lemon peel- all organic of course! The festive aroma of warming spices and slight fermented taste are perfect for transiting into the cooler weather. Bring your growlers and bottles to the Auburn, Roseville Fountains or Nevada City farmers market by for a fill! Soon as the temperature drops we will be offering warm Harvest Spice kombucha! Remember how yummy that was last year?!

To make your own warm kombucha, we recommend putting a mugs worth of Harvest Spice kombucha in a small pot and warm it on stove top til it is warm to the touch. It makes for a perfect probiotic substitute for Spiced Apple Cider at your Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas parties!

Available from October-January