Market Spotlight: Nevada City Farmers’ Market

Nevada City is a magical small town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounded by beautiful trees. It is about a thirty minute drive from Auburn, California where we brew our Kombucha. On Saturday mornings a variety of vendors join together in a hustle and bustle to create one of amazing farmers’ markets to be a part of. We gather on Union Street with a hope to spread our products throughout the community and create close personal relationships with our followers that we tend to see weekly. When taking in the welcoming environment and specialties of this market, there is a sense that everybody knows everyone around them. Maybe this is because everyone is here for the same reason and a harmony is silently built within the market borders. When coming to this market for the first time I suggest making your way into the food court which highlights international delights like Colombian, Hawaiian and Middle Eastern meals. The local fruits and vegetables are plentiful, they are all extremely meticulous about their booths and some mornings it seems as if they are artists perfectly placing their produce in a visually appealing manner. I love the bunches of carrots from Super Tuber farms; I cannot explain how a delicious bunch of carrots can bring me so much joy but, I suppose it’s the little things. There are many different artisans and makers that add a creative element as well. Come by to fill your Saturday morning with an escape to a lovely small town, or maybe you’re a local that hasn’t caught word of the Nevada City Farmers’ Market. I highly suggest you make your way over and grab a Nash’s Kombucha while you’re at it!

See you there,
Claire & Sean

2017 Nevada City Farmers’ Market runs Saturday’s from June 3- November 18, 8:30am – 1:00pm